I am an ecologist interested in understanding how anthropogenic drivers of change are affecting species over space and time. My research program is designed to tease apart the relative importance of direct (land-use change, climate change) and indirect (altered species interactions) drivers of global change on species’ distributions as core components of modern spatial ecology. By linking theoretical and empirical approaches to ecology, I seek to predict how ecological systems will respond to major anthropogenic impacts. Instead of focusing on one particular taxon, I’ve worked with a range of flora and fauna to investigate research questions such as.

  • How will evolutionary constraints on species physiology affect their ability to respond to climate change?
  • How do drivers of global change i.e. land-use and climate change interact to change the spatial and temporal distribution of species?
  • Are drivers of global change affecting species interactions? Specifically, plant-pollinator interactions and what are the consequences for plant reproduction?

I am currently a postdoc in Spatial Interaction Ecology (SIE) research group lead by Prof Tiffany Knight at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany. My current project aims to determine whether global environmental changes are altering plant reproductive success in relation to pollination receipt. I am collaborating with an international group of researchers to conduct a global meta-analysis on pollen supplementation studies published in languages including English, Chinese, and Portuguese. For more information on the project and members please see the workshop website: https://www.idiv.de/?id=153

Previously, I was a synthesis postdoc in iDiv’s synthesis center, with the aim of incorporating the fields of macroecology, macrophysiology and macroevolution. I investigated whether climate niches are conserved through evolution and if this can explain species diversity gradients across marine and terrestrial biomes with a global meta-analysis. Please see the workshop website: https://www.idiv.de/de/sdiv/arbeitsgruppen/wg_pool/sweep.html

During my PhD I conducted research in the fields of community and landscape ecology focused on the interacting and additive effects of global change drivers, such as climate, human land-use and species expansions.



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